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Production of foam with different densities: anti-flood absorbent, PU foam, European and American fireproof cotton, high resilience cotton, slow rebound inert cotton, etc.

Production of foams of various densities
Production of foams of
various densities
Manufacturing various of
different density foam

1. Processing and lamination of all shoe materials and garments, toys, gloves, TPU waterproof membrane, professional lamination, all accessories can be substituted.
2. Self-adhesive, drawn strips, cut strips.
3. Cloth, PU waterproof treatment.

Processing and fitting
Processing and fitting
Nursing products
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Jiayang Industrial (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008. It has many years of rich experience in professional equipment research and development and manufacturing. It is a large-scale and technically mature composite factory in Vietnam.
The company is mainly engaged in cloth, shoe materials, insoles, garments, gloves, toys, waterproof membrane and other materials and lamination, and also produces various density foams. The company has a state-of-the-art continuous foaming production line, an excellent development team, various technical personnel and a strong distribution system. The products are sold to the national and global markets. At present, the company cooperates with different customers in development and mass production to make products with lower production costs, better quality and more competitiveness.
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Superior quality

Advanced Production Equipment

Sufficient stock of raw materials

Today, the company has experienced continuous accumulation of industry experience and has gradually grown. Sophisticated equipment and an excellent construction team provide you with good after-sales protection.
For 15 years, we have focused on creating every product for our customers
Based on the business philosophy of surviving by quality and occupying the market by integrity, the company uses advanced technology, excellent service, and excellent products to continuously innovate and be realistic, and has won the approval of customers.
We have sufficient raw material inventory, and we can arrange
production immediately after receiving an order to ensure timely
delivery of projects/products
Successful Case

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